The services I offer come from the experience of running factories / sites worldwide and engaging with a larger community across  the full supply chain network.  People are a key component and, with the right culture and right expectation level, it is amazing what can be achieved.  But they are only one component.  Without a good approach, motivated people can still fail.  "You can put a good performer in a bad system and the system will win every time!" 

  I can help evaluate your operation and approaches and provide recommendations for improvement.  However, I can also work with you to deliver performance gains, rather than leave you with PowerPoint slides.  My approach is very pragmatic, hands on, and disciplined.  For many years I have been in the role of having to execute.  I have been there,  and have likely faced the same problems you have.  With my experience, I can help leverage performance and provide an independent “set of eyes” on your problems.  In other cases I can serve in transitional roles addressing gaps while you look for more long term solutions.  Semiconductor Manufacturing Solutions wants to be known for bringing "solutions for your operational challenges”.

 In this business, few people have the knowledge to cover every issue. When required I will reach out to an extensive network of colleagues who are experts in various facets of operations to bring in required skills.   Following is a partial list of key words to trigger a discussion and perhaps form the basis of an engagement.

Strategy formation and review:

o   Operational assessment / needs assessment
o   Benchmarking
o   Strategy & roadmap formation

Organizational effectiveness and people:

o    Structure that matches your mission
o   Tuning up the manufacturing culture  
o   Operational approaches to running the line.
o   Coaching emerging leaders – 1:1 mentorship.
o   Communication effectiveness in a manufacturing environment. 
o   Problem solving methodology
o   Evaluations of potential hires.
o   Maximizing workforce engagement
o   Evaluation of training approach. 

Operational metrics / methodology / and improvement:

o   Lean 6 Sigma - “beyond the buzz” – effectiveness of deployment.
o   Metrics review – are the measurements accurate and correct?
o   Cost Improvement
o   Cycle time reduction
o   Asset utilization
o   Yield improvement and methodology
o   Quality – culture and approach
o   Planning – execution based.
o   Capacity models
o   Manufacturing models
o   Improvement roadmaps
o   Technology deployment / New product introduction
o   Tool strategy

Manufacturing partners:
o   Foundry/ partner selection
o   Foundry management services.
o   Supplier selection
o    Business evaluations and assessments


Execution resource / supplementing your team:

o   Project management
o   Process transfers - methodology and management
o   Ramp planning
o   Startup planning
o   Closure planning
o   Conversions
o   Acquisition integration
o   Transition management

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